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  • 10 Tips For Taking Kids Surfing For The First Time
  • Post author
    Josh Widich

10 Tips For Taking Kids Surfing For The First Time

10 Tips For Taking Kids Surfing For The First Time

How To Take Kids, Beginners & First Time Surfers Surfing For The First Time

Assuming your child already has some experience and a good comfort level being in the ocean, swimming and has successfully completed some of our 8 Tips For Teaching Kids To Learn How To Surf  then it is time for you to take them surfing for their first time.


#1 - Provide good equipment 

Make sure you are totally prepared and have everything you need including the best kids surfboard possible, water, towles and whatever else you may normally need at the beach.  Also know the weather and ocean conditions.

#2 - Beach warm-ups 

Practice everything you are going to do in the water on the beach before you paddle out.  Practice paddling, pop-ups and your surfing stance.  Also talk about the water conditions and your strategy for getting out past where the waves break.

#3 - Etiquette 

Be sure to educate your grom on surfing etiquette, who has the right of way on a wave and how to be a safe and responsible surfer to not only recognize the dangers out there for yourself but to also understand how to not cause any danger to anybody else as well.

#4 - Gratitude 

Before getting into the ocean it is always good to take a second, acknowledge the special moment and give thanks to the ocean for the day

#5 - Paddling out 

Have a plan for paddling out and try to time the sets so you paddle out when the ocean is most calm and you have the best chance of making it out past where the waves break before the next set comes in.

#6 - Waiting outside 

Teach them how to relax sitting on your board out past where the waves break and watch the horizon for swell so you know when a good wave is coming.

#7 - Choosing a wave 

Make sure they understand that it is important to choose a good wave, that is a comfortable size and has good shape to it...and that sometimes this can take patience

#8 - Catching a wave 

Show them where they need to be when paddling for a wave so they are in the right spot to catch it.  There will learn quickly where not to be, haha

#9 - Riding a wave

Again, practice your stance on the beach before you go out.  When they finally glide into a wave Yell 'pop-up' to them so they know when it is time to stand they say...the rest is history!

#10 - The glory

When your kid finally catches their first wave on their own that is your time to shine and throw the biggest shakas and high fives of your life and be sure to let them know how proud you are of them...this moment in time only come once...and they will NEVER forget it.
We hope this list gives you a general idea for what it will be like to take your kid surfing for their first get out there with your kiddo...and we'll see you out on the water!
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  • Post author
    Josh Widich

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