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  • 4 Tips For Teaching Kids How To Surf
  • Post author
    Josh Widich

4 Tips For Teaching Kids How To Surf

4 Tips For Teaching Kids How To Surf

Below are some easy tips for teaching your kids how to surf

#1 Make it fun!

When teaching a child an action sport the most important thing is to make sure your kids come away with a good & fun experience that they want to do again...first grab your Waterkids kids surfboard...and one of the biggest keys for that to happen is to NEVER ever ever push them beyond their comfort zone and let them progress at their own pace.  Let them take things at their own pace no matter what even that means splashing around in ankle high waves for the first few days, weeks, or even months...just let it happen and keep them feeling like they are having a great time all while feeling safe & comfortable...the progression will soon follow if you stick to that formula. 

For kids surfing is ONLY for fun, if you try to make it too serious or push them into a situation that makes them scared then you only run the risk of them not enjoying themselves or the sport of surfing.  Encourage them, ask them if it is ok to do certain things, communicate with them about their feelings and then listen to them and respect how they feel.  We promise this will benefit you and your child in the long run.  Everyone wants their kids to be a ripping surfer right away and automatically know how to handle themselves in the water...but that is not what it is is about just being there with them in the moment...and having fun!

#2 Make it safe!

When taking your child surfing for the first times it is your responsibility to be aware if the situation is safe for them or not.  You need to be aware of the conditions in the ocean including wave size, strong currents and traffic in the water as well as the weather conditions such as wind, lightning or cold weather.  You want to always make sure that you are putting your kids in to a 

safe situation so that they will come away with a good surfing experience.  Kids are innocent and don't see as many dangers as an adult with more life experience so it is up to you to spot them for your kids.  Also at the same time, try not to ever scare your kids about a danger you have spotted, just let them know in a reasonable manner and calm tone of voice that you see something that they need to be aware of or let them know why they are careful or possibly not even paddle out for whatever reason you see.

#3 Make it so they want to do it again

No matter what, give your kids tons of encouragement and positivity because whatever speed they are progressing at it should be seen as a major accomplishment for them...because it is.  As long as you keep things positive and let them know how amazed and proud of them you are then they are going to want to continue to learn how to surf.  Soon your kids will be begging you to take them on the beach and telling you how much they can't wait to go surfing with you again.  Another good way of creating excitement is to bring along one of their friends of a similar age, when kids learn something new together it accelerates the desire to reach certain goals and they feed off each other's energy.

#4 Rinse & Repeat

Now that you are on your way to teaching your kids how to surf and be on the path from Waterkid to becoming a Waterman or Waterwoman just keep the momentum going...keep the feeling alive and don't let it fade, keep the stoke going and give them something to be excited can be 'your thing' that you share together and bond with them over.  If you wont be at the ocean for awhile then maybe watch some surf videos with them and get excited or the next time you go to the beach, or maybe get a kids paddle board so they can still get time out on the water and get 'that feeling' of adventure and being out there.  Once you have that little flame going inside of them, keep feeding them fuel and someday they will passing it down to their own kids.

We hope this list helps you and your kid learn how to surf...we'll see you out on the water!
3 boys with their waterkids youth size surfboards for kids
  • Post author
    Josh Widich

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