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Foam Surfboard

Why Choose A Waterkids Kids Surfboard?

You should choose a Waterkids surfboard because every board we make has been specifically designed for kids by professional athletes to be the best quality surfboard possible in the surf industry for kids at affordable pricing and include free shipping.  
No other company on earth has put as much time and love into making high quality kids surfboards & kids surf accessories as Waterkids.  
We do not make adult boards at all, 100% ALL of our effort goes into making the best surfboards for kids on the market and we have won multiple awards for our efforts including the 'A-GRADE' for quality & Excellence.
All of our boards are built to the highest standards in the industry, some other companies skimp on the quality of their youth surfboards so they can offer the cheapest product humanly possible which does not benefit the customer or the surfer at all in the long run because they are not as durable, long lasting or high performance as our kids surfboards.  Those boards tend to fall apart and lose their rigidity after only a few years while your Waterkids kids 
surfboard will last for many years to come.  We do not want to be in a contest for making the cheapest possible product on the face of the planet like some companies, our goal is to manufacture high quality products, equipment and gear for our kids at affordable pricing so they can truly appreciate paddling and being out on the water for what type of happiness and fulfillment it can offer and so they can evolve their skills from beginner to intermediate to advanced 
surfing faster and easier. 
All of our boards come with both affordable pricing and high quality.  
Having a high quality surfboard facilitates progression and evolution and will inspire your child to continue their Waterkids journey throughout their lives to someday become a Waterman or Waterwoman and pass the water lifestyle down to their own kids. 
Our beginner surfboards are designed specifically for youth size surfers and are lightweight, perfectly stable, extra durable and high performance wave catching machines for kids.  
When you purchase a Waterkids surfboard for your child you can be sure you are giving them access to the best kids surfboards in the industry. 
As an added bonus, all of our boards come with a 2 year warranty as well as FREE SHIPPING & delivery directly to your home.
Get your kiddo a Waterkids surfboard and we'll see you out on the water!

How To Choose A Waterkids Kids Surfboard

Choosing a kids surfboard is not complicated, you can't go wrong with any of our boards.
Below are some very general guidelines to help you with your decision, choosing a kids surfboard involves personal preference, the surfers size, ability level and their prefered style of surfing.  And once a surfer is more advanced it allows them to choose any board they prefer even if it is outside of the recommended guidelines.

#1 - Board Size 

The number one rule for choosing a kids surfboard is to pick a board that is properly sized for them.  A kid trying to use a full sized adult surfboard is no different than a kid trying to use an adult bicycle, it doesn't really work.  If you want them to stick with the sport of surfing and have a good experience that keeps them wanting more then be sure to choose a board 

that is specifically designed for kids.  Luckily for you, we are here for you!  Every single one of our boards has been specifically designed by professional board shapers and can be used by children, kids, groms, gromlins, little shredders, juniors, boys, girls, teens and youth surfers of ALL ages, shapes and sizes.  You can be sure that no matter what board you choose that your grom will be 

grinning from ear to ear and frothing with excitement to go to the beach for the next big swell and catch more waves than you ever thought was humanly possible.

#2 - Skill Level 

Know the skill level of the surfer who will be using the board.  If they are brand new to water sports or have never been in the ocean surfing before then you will 100% do best with one of our kids foam soft top surfboards for the softest and safest material possible.  If they have more experience and can pretty much catch and perform well on any wave they want then 

you may want to  consider a fiberglass surfboard with higher performance that is made for pro level surfing and is built the same as any adult board yet is properly sized for kids.

#3 - Application 

Think about what kind of surfing will be done with the board most often.  If they are just splashing around in the shorebreak or just having fun and trying to get little mini barrels then a shorter foam soft top surfboard would probably be ideal for the situation.  

If you are looking to catch longboard style waves, get the longest rides possible and the highest wave count possible then you may want to consider a 7ft longboard foam longboard shape because they have the most float and buoyancy and you can get into waves from further out making it easier to stand up on your board and learn how to surf.  Our 7ft longboards can be used by aduolts 

as well. If the surfer is already advanced and wants to evolve their surfing to the next level with the goal of making snappy turns off the lip, catching big airs, or getting pitted in mind bending barrels then it might be time to look into getting them a high performance fiberglass surfboard for kids that is made more for professional level surfing rather than recreational fun surfing.  Also keep in 

mind that a soft top board is great for travel and is much more durable, so if your little grom is hard on their equipment or if you are concerned about durability during transportation and storage then a foam surfboard would be the way to go.


What Size Surfboard Should I Get For My Kids?  


                    Kids Size Surfboard Chart

General Guidelines
Surfers Age:                          3-8 years old                                           5-12 years old                                     10 & up
Board length:                         4-6ft                                                          4-7ft                                                     5ft - 7ft      
                  KONA 01-2.jpg    REEF 01.jpgNALU 01.jpg

4 Tips For Surfing With Kids

#1 Make it fun! - When teaching a child an action sport the most important thing is to make sure your kids come away with a good & fun experience that they want to do again...and one of the biggest keys for that to happen is to NEVER ever ever push them beyond their comfort zone and let them progress at their own pace.  Let them take things at their own pace no matter what even that 
means splashing around in ankle high waves for the first few days, weeks, or even months...just let it happen and keep them feeling like they are having a great time all while feeling safe & comfortable...the progression will soon follow if you stick to that formula.  For kids surfing is ONLY for fun, if you try to make it too serious or push them into a situation that makes them scared then you only 
run the risk of them not enjoying themselves or the sport of surfing.  Encourage them, ask them if it is ok to do certain things, communicate with them about their feelings and then listen to them and respect how they feel.  We promise this will benefit you and your child in the long run.  Everyone wants their kids to be a ripping surfer right away and automatically know how to handle themselves 
in the water...but that is not what it is is about just being there with them in the moment...and having fun!
#2 Make it safe! - When taking your child surfing for the first times it is your responsibility to be aware if the situation is safe for them or not.  You need to be aware of the conditions in the ocean including wave size, strong currents and traffic in the water as well as the weather conditions such as wind, lightning or cold weather.  You want to always make sure that you are putting your kids in to a 
safe situation so that they will come away with a good surfing experience.  Kids are innocent and don't see as many dangers as an adult with more life experience so it is up to you to spot them for your kids.  Also at the same time, try not to ever scare your kids about a danger you have spotted, just let them know in a reasonable manner and calm tone of voice that you see something that they 
need to be aware of or let them know why they are careful or possibly not even paddle out for whatever reason you see.
#3 Make it so they want to do it again - No matter what, give your kids tons of encouragement and positivity because whatever speed they are progressing at it should be seen as a major accomplishment for them...because it is.  As long as you keep things positive and let them know how amazed and proud of them you are then they are going to want to continue to learn how to surf.  Soon 
your kids will be begging you to take them on the beach and telling you how much they can't wait to go surfing with you again.  Another good way of creating excitement is to bring along one of their friends of a similar age, when kids learn something new together it accelerates the desire to reach certain goals and they feed off each other's energy.
#4 Rinse & Repeat - Now that you are on your way to teaching your kids how to surf and be on the path from Waterkid to becoming a Waterman or Waterwoman just keep the momentum going...keep the feeling alive and don't let it fade, keep the stoke going and give them something to be excited can be 'your thing' that you share together and bond with them over.  If you wont be at the ocean for awhile then maybe watch some surf videos with them 
and get excited or the next time you go to the beach, or maybe get a kids paddle board so they can still get time out on the water and get 'that feeling' of adventure and being out there.  Once you have that little flame going inside of them, keep feeding them fuel and someday they will passing it down to their own kids.




8 Tips For Teaching Kids To Learn How To Surf

Before taking your child surfing for the first time they should already be comfortable with the simple pre-surfing progression stages such as being a strong swimmer, bodysurfing, bodyboarding or tandem surfing on the front of your board.  
They should have some experience and comfort level with a few of those things before learning to surf.

Tip #1 Swimming - First they need to know how to be a strong swimmer in the ocean so they can understand how to use their body in the water when there is current or when you need to duck dive waves and hold your breath.  Take time to go swimming with them in small waves starting with waves that are no higher than knee to waist high for them and staying very close to them the entire time.  Make eye contact with them and tell them to get ready to hold their breath when a wave is coming while holding their hand and duck dive the wave together...and of course be sure to be throwing big double shakas and giving high fives the whole time.  Reward them with the stoke because they truly deserve it and tell them how proud you are of them

Tip #2 Body Surfing - Get your child a set of swim fins and teach them how to bodysurf small waves while being next to them the whole time or even let them go for a ride on your back while you supply the kicking power when bodysurfing their first waves...they definitely love that.  This is the best way to get your kid comfortable in waves and will give them the skills and confidence of knowing that they can be in the ocean without a board and not only be ok, but have a great time...this is important because even many adult surfers panic when they break a leash while surfing because they have literally never been out in the ocean with a surfboard to keep them afloat and never built the skills or confidence needed to prepare for that situation.

Tip #3 Bodyboarding - Now that your child is pretty comfortable with duck diving waves while wearing swim fins, it is time to take them to the next step and get them a bodyboard or 4'10 beater size surfboard that can be used like a bodyboard without the fins and also has the benefit of them growing in to it.  This will help them progress their wave catching skills and get them used to the feeling of going faster on a wave and what it feels like to be in the water while trying to control a board.  Now they can learn how to duck dive waves with a smaller board that is much easier to push under the water when going for a duck dive which will help them greatly when learning how to duck dive a full side board under a wave for the first time.

Tip #4 Pool - The next step is to teach your kid how to duck dive a wave with a full size board and a great way to practice doing that is in a swimming pool.  Watch a few videos on how to duck dive and take your kiddo to the pool or calm water to teach them how to duck dive and get used to the feeling of pushing a board with higher volume under the water by themselves.  This is a really good idea to do before you ever go out into the will be easier for them to get comfortable duck diving in calm water than it will be in the ocean waves.

Tip #5 Lesson - Book a lesson with a professional surf instructor so they can go over all of the finer details of safety and learning how to surf with your grom.  Sometimes it helps for someone else to give a child instruction and they see it as instruction rather than someone telling them what to do.  This isn't always necessary but sometimes it can help for kids to understand how important it is to get the technique of surfing correct so you not only be safe but also have a really good time and get everything out of it possible.

Tip #6 Tandem Surfing - If your child is still small enough to put on the front of the board with you and you are a competent surfer then that is an excellent way for them to experience surfing waves on a surfboard for the first time.  This is pretty much a right of passage for every little grom who comes from a surf family and grows up at the beach and in the ocean.  Find yourself a nice little knee high wave and take your biggest longboard somewhere there are not too many people around.  Both you and your kid will have the time of your life surfing waves together on the same board.

Tip #7 Push ins - An excellent way for a kid to learn how to surf is for you to provide them with 'push-ins' which is when you are standing in the water with them about waist-to-chest deep and push them into waves while they are on their surfboard.  This helps kids a an incredible amount because it teaches them where you need to be when paddling into a wave and it also helps them out a lot that you provide the paddling power which makes it much easier for them to get a higher wave count and get used to standing up on a surfboard without getting worn out.  Quick tip - don't forget to practice all of this on the beach before you go out, have them work on their pop-ups and stance so they know what to do when they stand up on the surfboard for the first time.

Tip #8 Surf Buddy -  I'm not sure there is a better way to get a groms stoke going more than to find another grom that wants to learn how to surf with them.  Kids feed off each others energy big-time so if you can find your little shredder a surf buddy you will be doing both of them a huge favor which will help them to progress at a fast pace and possibly provide them with a lifelong friend to go on surf trips all over the world.  And if you are their surf buddy, that's great!...There's nothing more special than spending time on the water with your surf buddy. 

Now that your surfing compass is pointed in the right direction, get out there with your groms...and we'll see you on the water!


How To Take Your Child Surfing For The First Time

Assuming your child already has some experience and a good comfort level being in the ocean, swimming and has successfully completed some of our 8 Tips For Teaching Kids To Learn How To Surf  then it is time for you to take them surfing for their first time.

#1 - Provide good equipment - Make sure you are totally prepared and have everything you need including the best kids surfboard possible, water, towles and whatever else you may normally need at the beach.  Also know the weather and ocean conditions.
#2 - Beach warm-ups - Practice everything you are going to do in the water on the beach before you paddle out.  Practice paddling, pop-ups and your surfing stance.  Also talk about the water conditions and your strategy for getting out past where the waves break.
#3 - Etiquette - Be sure to educate your grom on surfing etiquette, who has the right of way on a wave and how to be a safe and responsible surfer to not only recognize the dangers out there for yourself but to also understand how to not cause any danger to anybody else as well.
#4 - Gratitude - Before getting into the ocean it is always good to take a second, acknowledge the special moment and give thanks to the ocean for the day
#5 - Paddling out - Have a plan for paddling out and try to time the sets so you paddle out when the ocean is most calm and you have the best chance of making it out past where the waves break before the next set comes in.
#6 - Waiting outside - Teach them how to relax sitting on your board out past where the waves break and watch the horizon for swell so you know when a good wave is coming.
#7 - Choosing a wave - Make sure they understand that it is important to choose a good wave, that is a comfortable size and has good shape to it...and that sometimes this can take patience
#8 - Catching a wave - Show them where they need to be when paddling for a wave so they are in the right spot to catch it.  There will learn quickly where not to be, haha
#9 - Riding a wave - Again, practice your stance on the beach before you go out.  When they finally glide into a wave Yell 'pop-up' to them so they know when it is time to stand they say...the rest is history!
#10 - The glory - When your kid finally catches their first wave on their own that is your time to shine and throw the biggest shakas and high fives of your life and be sure to let them know how proud you are of them...this moment in time only come once...and they will NEVER forget it.
We hope this list gives you a general idea for what it will be like to take your kid surfing for their first get out there with your kiddo...and we'll see you out on the water!

5 Safety Tips For Surfing With Kids


STAY IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE!  Have fun but never push things beyond the ability level of the person learning to surf.  Assess the swimming ability of the surfer and the condition of the ocean and waves and always keep thing in the comfort zone and fun so your student will have a good experience and will want to continue to on their surf journey.  It is VERY important not to push your 

kids, let them take it at their own pace.  This way you will also develop trust with them because they will know that you will always keep them safe and never make them do something that they don't want to do.


Never surf alone and especially NEVER EVER let your kids surf's more fun surfing together anyway.  Know your skill level and the skill level of everyone you are surfing with.  If there are beginners in the group then keep things conservative so everyone has a good time. If you are the most experienced person in the group it is up to you to decided when and where to go and to look 

after the less experienced surfers.  Always surf with a buddy.


"Know before you go" is something you should always say to yourself before you go surfing.  Always check the weather first and never go if there is any chance of bad weather especially big waves, strong current wind or lightning.  Never paddle with kids in windy or choppy conditions, it is always best for kids to go out in calm flat water conditions in order for them to come away with a 

positive experience. Know before you go...this means not even going out sometimes if there are big waves, current or any other number of conditions that could make for less than a positive experience.  Always take your kiddos out in good conditions and we guarantee you will have a better time and experience and you will have a much higher likelihood of them discovering the love of 

surfing and sticking with it.


Be sure to wear the appropriate clothing, boardshorts, rashguard or wetsuit for the situation.  For instance, even in Hawaii even on a 90 degree day the water is still quite cold and some kids prefer to wear a thick rash guard or even a wetsuit to stay warm.  Likewise, in warm water climates like Costa Rica you may need to wear less and just go in boardshorts in order to stay cool and not 

overheat.  Also, always  be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen, even though you are in the water you need to protect yourself from the sun and UV rays.  Don't forget to bring along plenty of water and make sure your groms actually drink the water to make sure they stay hydrated because from being at the beach and swimming in saltwater all day.  Keep those kiddos hydrated.

#5 - PHONE

Always bring along a phone in a dry bag which you can leave on the beach and make sure to let someone know where you are going and when you will be back.  Having a phone can be very helpful for a lot of situations...just don't check your email on it all in the moment!  They are great for any type of emergency and they are also good for taking pictures and videos to remember 

the fun...and of course the kid's favorite, ordering pizza from the beach.

Now that you have all the safety boxes checked just relax and have a great time with the ones you love.  Make sure you allow yourself to let go of the 'real world' for a little while and just be in the moment with the people around you and the ones you love...your kids will appreciate it!



What Is The Difference Between A Shortboard Surfboard & Longboard Surfboard?

The differences between a shortboard surfboard and a longboard surfboard are the length, volume and what type of waves it is designed to surf.  
The following suggestions are just very general guidelines about soft top foam shortboards.  Surfers prefer many different styles of surfing and they like surf waves on all different shapes of surfboards so keep in mind that these are just general guidelines to help someone who is just learning about surfboards and an advanced surfer is capable of using any size or shape board.

Shortboard Surfboards - They are lightweight and very easy for younger kids to handle on their own and have no problem carrying themselves to the beach which is always a big bonus for parents.  They are also very easy for kids to handle themselves in waves and ideal for the first time surfer or beginner surfer who plans on being in the water all day because it wont wear them out.  Great for kids learning to surf and catch a lot of waves.  

When you little shredder is up and riding waves you will soon find out that they are shaped for faster snappy dynamic turns, getting big airs and fully shacked in all the mini barrels your grommit can handle.

Longboard Surfboards - Longboard surfboards are great because they make it extremely easy to catch more waves then you can possibly imagine.  The longer length and higher volume makes catching waves so much easier because you can get into them from further out before they are even breaking making it very easy to stand up and get your balance.  They are also great for families and parents who kids are first time surfers and plan to push 

their kids into knee high waves themselves or tandem surf with their kid on the front of the board with them...which is pretty much how most people learn to surf for the first time.  After your little gromlin is up and riding waves on their own you will soon see that longboard surfboards are great for ultra stylish drawn out longboard turns, the longest rides possible and highest wave count you have ever seen.  And the big bonus about longboards is that when your little 

shredder runs out of gas that any adult can take the board out and actually get a few waves for themselves.


What Size Is The Best Kids Surfboard For Beginners & Advanced Surfers?

Choosing a kids surfboard is pretty straight forward

If your child is a beginner surfer then you will definitely do best with a foam surfboard because they are ultra safe, extra stable and make it very easy to learn how to surf and catch waves.  
Keep in mind that these are just general guidelines for a starting point on how to choose the best kids surfboard for your grom.  Experienced surfers can be over the weights recommended because they have more advanced skills.  And surfers below the weights recommended are still able to use any of our boards with the added plus of your child being able to grow into them.  
Basically, you can't go wrong with any of our beginner softboard surfboards, but below are some general guidelines to help you with your decision:

For Beginner Surfers:

All of our foam soft top surfboards can be used by pretty much anyone so no matter what board you pick your groms will be psyched.  

If your child is under 100lb we usually recommend the 4'10 'KONA' shortboard or the 5'6 'REEF' shortboard because they are lightweight, easy for kids to handle on their own, safe and very user friendly.  
For youth surfers, gromlins, juniors & teens over 100lb in weight we usually recommend the 5'6 'REEF' shortboard or the 7ft 'NALU' longboard which can also be used by adults and surfers up to 180lb in weight.  

For Advanced Surfers:

If your little shredder has progressed their surfing to the point that they are catching pretty much any wave they want and even getting the occasional barrel then you may want to think about getting them a performance fiberglass surfboard.
For surfers under 100lb in weight then we usually recommend the 4'6 'KOA' or the 5ft 'KOA' Kids Shortboard which is a high performance fiberglass surfboard for pro level surfing.
For surfers over 100lb in weight we recommend the 5ft 'KOA' shortboard or the 7ft 'NALU' kids longboard which is a high performance fiberglass surfboard for pro level longboard surfing that can also be used by adults and surfers up to 180lb in weight.
Why Is A Soft Top Foam Surfboard Good For A Beginner Surfer?
Foam Surfboards are the best kids surfboards for beginners because they are safe, lightweight, durable and affordable...but most importantly they are specifically designed for youngsters and they will learn how to surf in no time at all.  
If your child, junior, teen, grom, gromlin, little shredder...or whatever you want to call them you...loves to go to the beach and catch surf waves you can now teach them how to surf with high quality, safe and affordable kids surfboards.  
Soft Top Surfboards are ideal for beginners because they are extra safe, long lasting and can withstand endless days of summer fun at the beach and in the ocean.  
Foam soft top surfboards are also great for beginner surfers because they have extra buoyancy and float which makes paddling into and catching waves much easier for the first time surfer.  
You also do not have to worry about foam surfboards getting dinged or scratched during transportation or storage in the same way as a fiberglass, epoxy, carbon fiber, eps or any other hard top style construction or performance surfboard.  
Having a soft top foam surfboard as a beginner or first time surfer will provide your child with a high quality experience and make sure they have good times, catch a lot of waves and most importantly so they stick with the sport and someday realize the life fulfillment that surfing and being in the ocean can provide them.

Why Choose A Soft Top Surfboard For Kids & What Material Is In A Waterkids Foam Surfboard?

The number #1 reasons to choose a soft top foam or foamie surfboard for kids are the safety and durability factors.  

Our boards are built with a high density extra durable foam core and multiple wood stringers to provide strength, stiffness, performance and durability unlike many other companies who choose the cheapest material possible.  They are then fully wrapped with a soft top material that has a similar feeling to a yoga mat.  

Our boards are come with a removable 3 fin setup also known as a thruster setup so you have the option of using the board like a bodyboard with no fins which is great for learning and playing around in the beach break...or you can attach the fins which allows you to catch surf that is a little bigger and maybe even get a few mind bending barrels, make some dynamic snappy top turns off the lip or rip a big point break wave like a professional surfer.

Are Your Kids Surfboards Good For Children, Juniors, Boys, Girls, Teens & Youth Surfers?

YES!...Our kids surfboards can be used by anyone including boys, girls, juniors, teens and even lightweight adults can use our boards. Everything we make has been specifically designed for youth surfers so you can be sure that our professional board shapers and designers made the boards for a perfect paddling & surfing experience and they will be stable, balanced and high performance for anyone within the weight range.  

It doesn't matter what age they are or what you call your soon-to-be little surfer, as long as you give them access to quality equipment and boards that are made for a surfer of their size then you are on the right track.  

Can Your Waterkids Kids Surfboards Be Used By Both Children And Adults?

Absolutely yes!  Our boards can be all used in some-way-shape-or-form by both kids and adults.  

Our foam soft top 7ft longboards are perfect if you are looking for a diverse board that you can take out on your own after the groms paddle in and are all worn out from being in the sun and the water.   Anyone up to 160lbs will have a great time on our 7ft longboard surfboards and will be able to catch waves very easily and learn how to surf.  

Our short boards are also great for adults to use as bodyboards without the fins if you are also just learning.  Our 4'10 surfboards make for excellent bodyboard for adults who are looking for a board for their kids and also wouldn't mind having a board that can help them get used to being in the waves as well.  You will soon realize that 'being a kid' doesn't really have an age requirement the first time you go down the face of a wave and feel the whitewater at your back as you make the biggest claim of your life in pure joy.

All of our boards can even be used by advanced surfers and professional surfers.  The new age surfer is capable of surfing every type of wave shredding device possible, gone are the days that surfers only surf 1 type of board and now grommits are getting pitted on every type of board from small foamie bodyboards to 7ft soft top longboards to fiberglass high performance shortboards.
So the answer is yes, when your kiddo finally comes in from all their fun don't be afraid to grab their board and get out their on it for won't regret it :)

What Is The Difference Between A Soft Top Surfboard, Softboard Surfboard, Foam & Foamie Surfboard?

The differences in a soft top, softboard, foam or foamie surfboard are the quality of build, performance and how long they will last.  They are all 3 general names for a board that has a soft material on the outer layer which makes for a very good beginner surfboard because they are very safe.  The cheaper the board you purchase the less performance it will have as well as it won't last nearly as long as a board that is built with better construction.  Although 
Waterkids surfboards are very affordable, they are not lacking even the slightest bit in quality.  It is possible to find cheaper boards out there but you will soon come to see that they will deform and lose their shape and not too long after they fall apart and are no longer usable, and even worse they do not function as well which will leave your child with a less than ideal surfing experience.  Some of the differences in construction of soft top surfboards are the quality 
of foam, being used in the construction...foam quality can vary from very low quality which is heavier and more flexible which is not as good for performance and the user experience, to high quality foam with wood stringers which makes the board very lightweight, gives the surfboard much more strength and much higher performance on the wave while surfing which provides for a higher quality user experience.  Waterkids uses the best, lightest weight and 
strongest materials in our boards so they are good for anyone from beginner to professional surfer.

What is a Beater Size Surfboard?

A beater surfboard is pretty much what the name is a board you can pretty much do anything with.  You bodyboard with the fins off and get mini barrels all day long in the shorebreak.  Or you can attach the fins to use it like a regular stand up surfboard and make snappy top turns off the lip and even send it for big airs.  It is a board that is small and lightweight and can be taken anywhere and easily thrown in the back seat of your car for easy 
transportation for daily use in any conditions.  It is a must-have as a part of anyone's surfboard quiver and they can be used by anybody which makes them a very diverse water toy to be taken to the beach.  They are also great for progressing and an excellent step up tool to go from bodyboarding to surfing.  This might be the only board in the quiver that can be used when you show up to the beach no matter what the conditions are or who came with you.  If your 
kid is interested in learning a beater size surfboard is a really good place to start and you can't really go wrong.

Why You Should Surf With Your Kids & What It Can Teach Them

Surfing with your kids can literally be one of the most rewarding life experiences you can have as well as one of the best ways to teach kids independence, life skills and the fulfillment of what being outdoors, in nature and in the ocean can provide.  It gives your kids that feeling of adventure all while feeling super safe and in a comfortable environment with their parents alongside them which builds an immense amount of trust and is an unforgettable bonding experience for both you and your child.  We believe surfing is one of the greatest doors you can open for your children and can help them to develop to become better people and more understanding of how to become successful at anything because in learning how to surf a kid is actually learning that they can do anything if they put their heart and mind to it.  Surfing with your kids is much more than just splashing around in the is something they will never forget doing with you.  It helps to shape and build strength of character and teaches resilience in the face of diversity as well as grows a huge appreciation for being outdoors and in the ocean which is more important than ever in this day and age.  Just being in the moment alongside of your kids in the ocean is something more meaningful and powerful that can be explained in a short paragraph...but just know that it is one of the most special and unforgettable experiences you can ever share with your get out there with your grom and discover the Waterkid in you!

What Age Can Your Kids Start Surfing For The First Time?

The answer is, when they are comfortable and ready for it.  Some start as young as 2 or 3 years old on the front of their parents boards while others don't live near the ocean and start at a much later age with less experience.  But to help you navigate those differences we have come up with a few simple steps everyone should take in their surfing journey to ensure their kids enjoy and stick with the sport of surfing and come away with a good positive surfing 
experience.  The first step is to make sure your little grom is comfortable being in the ocean and swimming in small knee-to-waist high waves so they have somewhat of an understanding for the power and movement of the waves and how to control their body in the current.  After that it is good to get them a set of swim fins and teach them how to bodysurf of boadyboard in small beach break waves so they can develop an understand of how to catch waves and 
what it feels like when going down the face of a wave.  After your little ripper has some experience, a good comfort level with those steps and is able to pretty much body surf or bodyboard any wave they want on their own...then it is time for them to take the big step of learning how to stand up on a surfboard and catch waves.  When your grom has reached that step then it is time to start pushing them into very small waves on their own so they can learn how to 
stand up on a wave and how to get back out to the lineup after surfing the wave.  Just make sure your child has some experience in the water before trying to surf for the first time, that way they will have somewhat of an understand for what it takes to be in the ocean and catch a wave sp they come away with a good and positive experience that will keep them wanting to continue on their journey of learning to surf.

What Is The Best Kids Surfboard?

As we always say, the best kids surfboard is the one they are riding!  And of course, you definitely can't go wrong with any of our Waterkids kids surfboards.  But the most important part of the surfing equation is to just provide them with the access to surfing and being in the water and ocean.  We have had numerous people tell us that every single model of kids surfboard that we have for sale is 'the best kids surfboard we have ever seen' so we are quite sure that 
any Waterkids surfboard that you purchase will  be the best kids surfboard you have ever owned.  The best surfboard for kids is the one that provides them with the most happiness and best experience possible.  We all want our kids to experience the joy and fulfillment you can get from surfing, so providing them with the best kids surfboard possible will facilitate the journey from being a Waterkid to becoming a Waterman or Waterwoman even faster...and that is 
why we continually strive to make the best kids surfboards on the planet!

Kids Surfboards For Sale

Our Kids size surfboards are constructed to the same high quality as any adult boards just sized down so they are perfectly functional for youth sized surfers.  A child trying to surf on an adult size surfboard is no different than a kid trying to ride an adult size doesn't really work because the board is too big and cumbersome making it difficult to maneuver and come away with a good experience.  If your child has a kids size surfboard they will have a much 
better time and quality experience because the surfboard was actually built for a surfer their size and it will be much easier for them to handle, maneuver and surf on their own and will provide them with a good experience, fun times and allow them to progress their surfing with a much higher chance that they will stick with the sport in adulthood and then pass it on to their own kids.  Our kids surfboards are built to the highest standard of quality and are as good or 
better than any adult boards on the market, they come with affordable pricing and every order includes FREE SHIPPING & DELIVERY directly to your door without ever leaving the comfort of your home(the only time this is allowed, haha).  Providing your kids with high quality equipment will ensure that they come away with a good experience, stick with the sport and spend more time in the outdoors at the beach or out on the water in the ocean and less time in 
front of screens.  

Is Waterkids Surfboard Company 100% American Owned & Operated?

YES!  Waterkids is 100% American owned and every single one of our products is designed right here in the United States of America by professional athletes and board shapers to be the highest quality equipment and gear possible for kids.  Waterkids is athlete owned so you can be sure that you are giving your child access to the best kids surfboards and best kids paddle boards that are available on the market today.
We promise to provide every single order and every single customer with the utmost importance and absolute best quality customer service and our goal is to maintain 100% customer satisfaction so we can sleep well knowing every one of our clients is stoked, psyched and most importantly 100% satisfied with their Waterkids Surfboard.


Every order from the Waterkids online kids surf shop and store comes with FREE SHIPPING & DELIVERY included and shipped directly to your door.  All our kids surfboards have a 30 day return policy and come with a 2 year warranty so you can be rest assured that we stand by the quality of our products and that we strive to guarantee customer satisfaction with our top notch customer service.  After your order you will receive a confirmation email and another email will follow shortly with your tracking on formation so you can make sure your boards will be there on time for the trip to the lake or your favorite beach.  Join the Waterkids family and catch the Waterkids wave with our top of line kids surfboards...and we'll see you out on the water!