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Kids Paddle Board

How To Choose A Waterkids Kids Stand Up Paddle Board

#1 - Board Size 

The number one factor for choosing a kids paddle board is to choose a board that is properly sized for them.  A kid trying to use a full sized adult paddle board is no different than a kid trying to use an adult bicycle, it doesn't really work.  If you want them to stick with the sport and have a good time then be sure to choose a board that is specifically designed for kids.  

#2 - Paddler Weight

Be sure the paddler who will be using the board is within the 'paddler weight' range of the board.  If the paddler is under the weight range it will be difficult for them to carry the board, paddle, go straight and turn.  If they are over the rider weight range the board will become more tipsy and difficult to paddle.  Choose a board that has the correct paddler weight range so your kid will have 

the best experience possible.

#3 - Skill Level

Know the skill level of the paddler who will be using the board.  If they are brand new to water sports or have never been paddle boarding before then maybe consider an inflatable board for the softest and safest material possible.  If they have experience then you can consider a hardtop board with higher performance that is built the same as any adult board yet is properly sized for kids.

#4 - Application

Think about what kind of paddling will be done with the board most often.  If you are mostly cruising around on the lake for fun then it would be a good idea to consider an 'all-around' style paddle board that is made for general recreational use.  If the paddler is more advanced and is into SUP racing or SUP surfing then you will want to choose a board that is specifically designed for that 

application.  Also if space is an issue then an inflatable paddle board is always a great solution.








What Size Paddle Board Should I Get For My Kids?  

When deciding what board to get for your child keep in mind that you would be best to choose a kids size paddle board, it is no different than if you were deciding on a bike for wouldn't choose an adult size bike.  So when choosing a paddle board it is very important to make sure that the person who is going to be using the board is within the 'paddler weight range' of the board.  All of our boards have a paddler weight range listed and as long as the
paddler is within that range the board will be perfectly stable and buoyant enough for them.  This is why it is important for a child to have a paddle board that is properly sized for them, an adult board is far too big and difficult to handle both on and off the water.  If a paddler is under the weight range of a board then it will be difficult for them to paddle, steer, and maneuver in and out of the water.  And if a paddler is over the weight range of a board then the board will 
begin to become 'tipsy' and it will be more difficult to keep your balance.  Be sure that your little grom has a board that is properly sized for them and you have a much bigger chance that they stick with the sport and develop a lifelong love for paddleboarding.
Kids sized paddle board chart.jpg

5 Safety Tips For Paddle Boarding With Kids


Everyone should be a strong swimmer and everyone MUST wear a life jacket and leash at ALL TIMES.  This is the most important rule.  No matter how nice of a day it is or how much fun you are having, ALWAYS wear a life jacket and leash.  The life jacket will make sure you stay afloat no matter what and the leash will make sure you stay attached to your board if/when you fall off.


Never paddle alone and especially NEVER EVER EVER let your kids paddle's more fun paddling together anyway.  Know your skill level and the skill level of everyone you are paddling with.  If there are beginners in the group then stay conservative with how far you paddle. If you are the most experienced person in the group it is up to you to decide when and where to go and to 

look after the less experienced paddlers.  Always paddle with a buddy.


"Know before you go" is something you should always say to yourself before you go for a paddle.  Always check the weather first and never go if there is any chance of bad weather especially wind or lightning.  Never paddle with kids in windy, choppy or less than perfect conditions, it is always best for kids to go out in calm flat water conditions in order for them to come away with a 

positive experience. Know before you go.


Be sure to wear the appropriate clothing for the situation.  For instance, here at Lake Tahoe even on a 90 degree day the water is still quite cold and some kids prefer to wear a wetsuit or water shoes to stay warm.  Likewise, in warm water climates you may need to wear less clothing in order to stay cool and not overheat.  Also, be sure to bring along sunscreen and water to stay hydrated.

#5 - PHONE

Always bring along a phone in a dry bag and make sure to let someone know where you are going and when you will be back.  Having a phone can be very helpful for a lot of situations...just don't check your email on it!  They are great for any type of emergency and they are also good for taking pictures and videos to remember the fun...and of course the kid favorite, ordering pizza from 

the water.


Now that you have all the safety boxes checked just relax and have a great time with the ones you love.  Make sure you allow yourself to let go of the 'real world' for a little while and just be in the moment with the people around you...your kids will appreciate it...we'll see you out on the water!


4 Tips On How To Take Your Child Paddle Boarding For Their First Time

Tip #1 - Build Experience In The Water

Before you ever take your child paddle boarding we highly recommend that they already have some pre-paddling experience and a good comfort level in the water and are already strong swimmers.  Take things slow.  If you skip this step you run the risk of possibly scaring them or not having the best experience...and we all want our kids to have a good time so they want to do it again.  So don't just throw them in there, get them comfortable in the water first and maybe take them canoeing or kayaking so they can get that feeling for being out on the water beforehand so they don't have a sensory overload the first time paddle boarding.

Tip #2  - Tandem Paddling

Take your kids tandem paddle boarding and have them sit on the front of your paddle board while you provide the paddle power.  You can start doing this at pretty much any age even as young as 2 years old, just always be responsible, make sure they wear a life jacket and never EVER push them beyond their comfort zone.  Make sure to always ask them how they are feeling, let them know everything you are doing and communicate with them in a calm reassuring tone of voice so they know they are safe with you.  When your child is about 4-7 years old they can then stand up with you on your board together, at first have them stand with no paddle with their back pressed against the front of your body while you are paddling so essentially you are doing the balancing for them while they are standing at first...from here your child will want to try and stand in the front of the board on their own while the board is moving...and from there all you have to do is put a paddle in their hand and you can both be tandem paddling on the same board together...which we promise, will be a thrill for both them and you!

Tip #3 Take a lesson  

If you are already experienced at paddle boarding and water sports and want to teach your child yourself then this may not be necessary.  But if you do not have much experience on the water or paddle boarding then it would be a really good idea to go ahead and book yourself a lesson.  A professional paddle board instructor will give you the information you need to stay safe and teach you the techniques needed to quickly progress your skills to the next level.  Taking a lesson is a great idea for anyone interested in learning a new action sport. 

Tip #4 Balance

The first couple of times that they attempt to stand up on a paddle board on their own you should walk alongside them in the water waist deep so you can keep a hand on the board and help them balance the board while they are trying to stand up by themselves for the first time.  This is not only good for helping them with the balance, but it helps them to feel comfortable and confident because they feel safe from you being there next to them...soon after they will be telling you to let go of them board so they can do it on their just run back and grab your own board and catch up top them so you can go on your first paddle together...and we'll see you out on the water!

Now that you have a few easy ways to build your child up to go paddle boarding for the first time, get out there and make it happen...and we'll see you out on the water!

What Age Can My Child Start Paddle Boarding?

It's not uncommon to take children as young as 2 years old paddle boarding for the first time on the front of a paddle board, and if you do so you will probably soon discover the added bonus of how good of a tool it is to induce nap-time, haha.  
Usually when a child is between 4 & 7 years of age is when they can begin to learn how to stand up on a paddle board on their own.
Learning how to paddle board is a progression that evolves over time and no matter what age your kids are they can get used to being on a board in some capacity.  
You always want your kids to have a good time, so please never EVER push them or they may end up not having a good time or enjoying the sport and maybe not even stick with it.  So start slow.  
Before you ever let them paddle on their own board they should already have some sort of pre-paddleboarding water experience to get them comfortable on the water like tandem paddle boarding on the front of the board with you and becoming a strong swimmer.  
It's also never a bad idea to take a paddle board lesson so a professional SUP instructor can show you in person all of the finer details of paddling and safety.
ALWAYS take your kids paddling in perfect flat water conditions, never ever ever take them out when it is windy, cold or any other less-than ideal us, this will help to make sure your kids stick with the sport, enjoys it and always has a good experience.  
Another tip for young kids is the first couple times you take them paddle boarding just walk in the water waist deep next to their board so you can help them with balance and also so they can feel comfortable and safe that you are right there next to them.
Now that you have a good idea for when your kiddo can start paddle boarding...we'll see you out on the water!

Why Is A Kids Inflatable Paddle Board Good For Beginners, Children & Youth Size Paddlers?

Inflatable paddle boards for kids and beginners are ideal because they are safe, very durable and user friendly for beginners.  They are safe because the material is soft enough so when your little shredder takes the inevitable wipe out you won't have anything to worry about.  They are also safe out of the water and when your grom is carrying the board you won't have to think about them bumping the board into a car or a person on the way to the  beach.  They are super durable because their construction is made of high grade ultra durable pvc which is extra resistant to scratches and tears and perfect for kids who are just learning how to carry a paddle board and keep it in good condition.  They are super user friendly for a few reasons...Kids inflatable paddle boards make storage and transportation very easy.  They come with a travel bag so they are very easy to transport and carry while taking up very little room for storage and you don't need a roof rack to get them to wherever you are paddling...And as a mega bonus, they come with absolutely everything you need to go paddleboarding including the board, adjustable paddle for them to grow in to, ankle leash, board bag and a pump.  They only take a few minutes to inflate while deflating in just seconds...And most importantly, your child can be in charge of doing everything themselves including inflating the board, carrying it to the beach and paddling it which will help develop new skills, confidence, strength and independence. 


What's Included In A Waterkids Kids Inflatable Paddle Board Package?

Our Waterkids kids inflatable SUP packages come with absolutely everything to get your child out on the water including the board, adjustable paddle, leash, board bag and pump!  Our inflatable paddle boards for kids are just as good as any adult board and are constructed with extra durable pvc that is highly damage resistant so you won't have to worry about it being scratched or causing damage while being transported to or from the lake by your little grom.  

An inflatable kids paddle board is softer than a hard top paddle board which makes it safer and more resistant to wear and tear.  Our kids inflatable stand up paddle boards also have a soft traction pad that provides a very comfortable standing area for your child as well as a high quality paddling experience.  Our boards are built with a centered easy-carry handle which makes it very simple for any little shredder to carry on their own which teaches a child how to take care of and handle their own equipment.  Our inflatable kids paddle boards have a high pressure valve so you can inflate your board to the same psi as an adult paddle board and make it super rigid so it is just as good to paddle as a regular hardtop paddle board.   As an added bonus, all of our boards come with an adjustable paddle, leash, pump and travel bag that makes transportation and storage a breeze.  Not all kids inflatable paddle boards are created is possible to find a cheaper product but you can be sure that it will soon fall apart at the seams and lose its rigidity and not too long after it will no longer be usable while your Waterkids inflatable paddle board will be around for a long time.  

Our kids paddle boards are built to the same high quality as any adult paddle board and you can rest easy knowing that your Waterkids kids paddle board is not only affordable but it is also the highest quality kids equipment in the industry.

Should You Buy A Waterkids Kids Inflatable SUP or Kids Hardtop Paddle Board For Your Grom?

There are a few factors that play into this decision, the first and most important to consider is the ability level of the person who is going to be paddling the board...if they are a first timer or beginner paddle boarder then we highly recommend a Kids inflatable SUP because they are made to be much more safe, stable and user friendly.  If the board is for a more advanced or teen paddler with good athletic ability and balance then you can start thinking about a kids hardtop paddle board that has slightly higher performance.  The other major factor is if your board will need to be transported to the water and if you have roof racks or not on your vehicle.  If you need to transport your board to the water, don't have roof racks and maybe even have a bunch of other camping gear and beach toys taking up space in the car...then a kids inflatable paddle board will probably be an ideal bet for the situation.  Whereas, if your board does not need to be transported to the water or if you do have roof racks then you will have the option to choose a kids hardtop paddle board.

Are your Kids SUP Boards Good For Children, Groms, Juniors, Teens, Boys, Girls & Youth Paddlers?

YES!...Our paddle boards for kids can be used by anyone within the 'paddler weight range' of the board including boys, girls, juniors, teens and even lightweight adults can use our boards. Everything we make has been specifically designed for youth paddlers so just check out the 'specs' below each board to make sure your grom is within the 'paddler weight range' and you can be sure that our professional board shapers and designers made sure to rate the boards for a perfect paddling experience and they will be perfectly stable and balanced for anyone within the weight range.  Some other companies will say their boards are for a much wider weight weight range to try and boost sales when in reality if you are at the top end of that weight range then you will have a bad user experience because the board lacks the stability and buoyancy needed to have a good time...we do not do that!  All of our boards are rated to have a perfectly functional 'paddler weight range' for a perfect user experience all the way to the top end of the weight range.   When you purchase a Watkids Kids SUP you can feel confident that it will be properly rated and sized by professionals for your little shredder.

Why You Should Stand Up Paddle Board With Your Kids And What It Can Teach Them

Paddle Boarding with your kids can literally be one of the most rewarding life experiences you can have as well as one of the best ways to teach kids independence, life skills and the fulfillment of what being outdoors in nature and on the lake can provide.  It gives your kids that feeling of adventure all while feeling super safe and in a comfortable environment with their parents alongside them which builds an immense amount of trust and is an unforgettable bonding experience for both you and your child.  

We believe paddling with your kids is one of the greatest doors you can open for your children and can help them to develop to become better people and more understanding of how to become successful at anything in life because in learning how to SUP a kid is actually learning that they can do anything if they put their heart and mind to it.  

Paddling with your kids is much more than just splashing around in the is something they will never forget doing with you.  It is something they will remember.  

It helps to shape and build strength of character and teaches determination as well as helps to grow a huge appreciation for being outdoors and out on the lake which is more important than ever in this day and age.  

Just being in the moment alongside of your kids out on the lake is something more meaningful and powerful than can be explained in a short paragraph...but just know that it is one of the most special and unforgettable experiences you can ever share with your get out there with your little grom and discover the Waterkid in you...we'll see you out on the water!


Kids Paddle Boards For Sale

Our Kids size paddle boards are constructed to the same high quality as any adult paddle board, they are just sized down so they are perfectly functional for youth sized paddlers.  
A child trying to SUP on an adult size paddle board is no different than a kid trying to ride an adult size doesn't really work because the board is too big and cumbersome making it difficult to maneuver and come away with a good experience.  
If your child has a kids size paddle board they will have a much better time and quality experience because the kids SUP was actually built for a paddler their size and it will be much easier for them to handle, maneuver and paddle on their own and will provide them with fun times and allow them to progress their stand up paddle boarding with a much higher chance that they will stick with the sport through adulthood and then pass it on to their own kids.  
Our kids SUP boards are built to the highest standard of quality in the surf industry and are as good or better than any adult boards on the market, they come with affordable pricing and every order includes FREE SHIPPING & DELIVERY directly to your door without ever leaving the comfort of your home(the only time this is allowed, haha).  
Providing your kids with high quality equipment will ensure that they come away with a good experience, stick with the sport and spend more time outdoors at the beach and out on the water and less time in front of screens. 

Is Waterkids Surfboard & Paddle Board Company 100% American Owned & Operated?

YES!  Waterkids is 100% American owned and every single one of our products is designed right here in the United States of America by professional athletes and board shapers to be the highest quality kids equipment in the surf industry.  

Waterkids is athlete owned so you can be sure that you are providing your child with access to the highest quality surfboards for kids that are available on the market today.

We promise to provide every single order and every single customer with the utmost importance and absolute best quality customer service and our goal is to maintain 100% customer satisfaction so we can sleep well knowing every one of our clients is stoked, psyched and most importantly 100% satisfied with their Waterkids Surfboard.

FREE SHIPPING & DELIVERY Included To Your Doorstep With Every Order

Every order from the Waterkids online kids surf shop and store comes with FREE SHIPPING & DELIVERY included and shipped directly to your door.  All our kids surfboards & kids sup boards have a 30 day return policy and come with a 2 year warranty so you can be rest assured that we stand by the quality of our products and that we strive to guarantee customer satisfaction with our top notch customer service.  After your order you will receive a confirmation email with your tracking information so you can make sure your boards will be there on time for the trip to the lake or your favorite beach. Join the Waterkids family...and we'll see you out on the water!