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  • Where To Buy A Kids Stand Up Paddle Board?
  • Post author
    Josh Widich

Where To Buy A Kids Stand Up Paddle Board?

Where To Buy A Kids Stand Up Paddle Board?

Online Kids Surf Shop

Visit our online store for the biggest & best selection of kids stand up paddle boards & kids surfboards on the planet! Everything we make is high quality & specifically designed for kids. We offer a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles to fit any child's needs and preferences.

Our boards are lightweight, stable and durable. You can be sure your child will have a safe experience on the water.

They will also have an enjoyable experience. We also carry accessories such as fins, leashes, and pads for added convenience.

Choosing the right board for your kid can be overwhelming. Our customer service team is here to help. They are always available to answer any questions you may have.

We are passionate about helping children develop a love for water sports. We also desire to spend as much time as possible outdoors with our kids. We are committed to providing the best quality boards, gear, and accessories for kids of all ages. Shop with us today.

Let your child experience the thrill and excitement of surfing.

Let them try stand up paddling.

They can also take part in other water sports.

kids stand up paddle board

You should get your child a stand up paddle board because it will help develop new skills, confidence, independence and character.

Spend time with your kids outdoors and make lasting memories. This is also a great opportunity to teach them about safety and how to paddle correctly. Plus, stand up paddle boarding can be done in almost any body of water, so you can take your child to the beach, lake, or river to explore. Finally, since paddle boarding is a low-impact activity, it’s a great way to get active and have fun while also building strength and balance.

Kids need a paddle board that is the correct size for them. Be sure your board is of good quality and has the right features such as buoyancy and stability. Make sure that your child is wearing the correct safety equipment such as a life vest and helmet when they are out on the water.

Always paddle along side your child when they are paddle boarding to ensure they are comfortable and safe. Paddle boarding is an amazing activity that can bring the whole family closer together.

Waterkids Surf & SUP

The original all-kids surf board & paddleboard company. Everything we make is for kids and built to the highest standards ion the surf industry. At Waterkids Surf & SUP, we prioritize safety and quality, so you can rest assured that your children will be in safe hands.

Our boards are designed specifically for kids, and all of our products are built to the highest standards of the surf industry. We have a range of boards, life vests, and helmets to suit all ages and abilities, so your child can get out on the water, have fun, and be safe. Plus, paddle boarding is such a great way to spend time together as a family, so why not join in the fun?

Get your kids off their phone screen and back into nature. Spend time & bond with your family out on the water and create lifelong memories that will last a lifetime.

We make beginner-friendly designs to ensure sure your kids have a safe and successful first experience. Our boards are easy to use and designed to help kids learn to paddle quickly.

With our wide selection of products, you can find everything you need to get your family out on the water and having fun. So, don't wait any longer - get your family out there and make some amazing memories!

We also make sure to provide plenty of fun and games to keep your children engaged and entertained. So don't hesitate – come join us for a day of fun in the sun!

family paddle board

Kids Paddle boards

All of our kids paddle boards are specifically designed for younger paddlers so they are easier to carry and paddle

Built to the highest standards in the industry

On a mission is to deliver high quality equipment at affordable pricing 

Our boards are better for kids because they are made for kids

Different types of paddle boards for kids:

  • hardtop
  • inflatable stand up paddle board
  • soft top
  • touring
  • surf

kids stand up paddle board camp school

Hardtop Paddleboards

Check out our high end line of kids size paddle boards that are just as good if not better than any adult sized paddle board. It is important that if you take smaller children stand up paddleboarding that you have the correct size paddleboard for them on adult boards. Our kids hardtop paddle boards all have a soft deck pad for added grip as well as a 3 fin setup.

The 3 fin setup allows for more maneuverability and stability for the rider, making it easier for the kids to stay upright and balance on the board. The boards are also lightweight and come with a built-in carrying handle, making them easy to transport and store. The boards also come with a leash, so you can keep your kids safe while they're out on the water. Our hardtop paddle boards are a great choice for kids and are perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable paddle board.

The boards are also incredibly durable, so they can handle the occasional bump or crash without a problem. They are perfect for use in any type of water, including saltwater, so you don't have to worry about corrosion. Plus, the boards are designed to be easy to maintain, so you can keep them looking and performing like new for years to come. With their excellent features and affordability, our hardtop paddle boards are the perfect choice for kids and adults alike.

kids hardtop paddle boards

Kids Inflatable Paddle Board

Shop our kids isup boards for the ultimate boards to learn on.

The 8ft 'Stingray' is our kids inflatable paddle board package for beginners. This design has been specifically created to provide ultra stability and extra safety. It is also super user-friendly for young paddlers who are just beginning.

The Stingray is a great way to explore a lake, and it is simple enough for kids to manage by themselves, allowing them to build independence, responsibility and self-esteem.

The package includes the board, a kid-sized adjustable SUP paddle, a 10ft coiled ankle leash, a travel board bag, and a hand pump, so you have everything you need for a day on the water.The 'Stingray' is simple to use, very light, and has a convenient handle, making it ideal for younger paddlers to carry, inflate, and paddle with ease. Constructed with highly durable MSL material the same as any adult paddle board.

The 8ft Stingray kids inflatable SUP is the ultimate beginners paddle board because it has been specifically designed with the proper amount of width and thickness for kids making it super stable and the ideal board for learning and progressing.

Waterkids is American owned and everything we make is designed by professionals so you can be sure you are giving your kids access to the very best inflatable paddle boards in the industry. When you provide your child with a high quality paddle board it facilitates growth and progression and will inspire your child to continue their Waterkids journey throughout their lives.

kids inflatable paddle boards

Foam Surfboards

Foam top surfboards other known as soft top surfboards are ideal for kids surfing as well as beginners. Foam surfboards are very durable and provide plenty of cushioning in the event of a fall, making them the perfect choice for kids and beginners. They are also incredibly lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for taking on vacation or to the beach.

Additionally, they are much cheaper than traditional hard top surfboards, so you can get your kids started on a budget. With the right care and maintenance, foam top surfboards can last for many years and will be a great way to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of surfing.

Foam top surfboards are also ideal for use in calm waters or small surf, making them great for those just starting out in the sport. With the right instruction and guidance, kids can quickly become comfortable and confident on a foam top surfboard, allowing them to progress to more advanced levels of surfing. With their versatility and affordability, foam top surfboards are a great way to get your kids into the sport without breaking the bank.

kids foam surfboards

Kids Board Company

Waterkids is the original all kids boards company. The Waterkids team is committed to providing the highest level of customer service, with competitive prices and fast delivery times. So, why not get your kids into the sport of surfing today with a foam top surfboard from Waterkids!

Our motto "Where The Journey Begins"

Learning to surf can be a difficult challenge for kids. Our experienced surfers are devoted to aiding your child in mastering the basics in a secure, enjoyable atmosphere.

We offer a wide range of accessories for your child's surfing experience. These include wetsuits, rash guards, surf leashes, and fins. This ensures they have everything they need to succeed. We also have a line of body boards & boogie boards that will be released soon.

So, don't wait any longer to get your kids into surfing. Invest in a high-quality kids stand up paddle board or foam top surfboard from Waterkids today. Help your child embark on an exciting journey into the world of surfing!


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    Josh Widich

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