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Kids Surfboards

Shop The Best Kids Surfboards For Sale In Our Online Surf Shop

Everything we make is specifically designed for kids!

All of our kids surfboards are built to the highest standards in the surf industry

Choose From The Best Kids Surfboard Shapes & Sizes

Huge selection of kids surfboard shapes and styles for beginner surfers and advanced surfers

Surfboards for kids in shapes like shortboard, beaters, fish shape, high performance, funboards, and longboards

Best Beginner Surfboard For Kids Learning How To Surf

Our kids surfboards are great for surfers of all age ranges and skill levels and are super fun for everyone in the family

Shop surfboard constructions like soft top foam surfboards which are great beginner surfboards when learning how to surf for their float, safety & durability 

Surfboards For Kids With Safe & Durable Foam Soft Top Material

Kids surfboards specifically designed for learning how to surf and making it easy to catch surf & ride waves at the beach

Soft top surfboards or foam surfboards are the ultimate surfboards for learning how to surf & the best kids surfboards you can buy

High Performance Shortboard & Longboard Surfboards For Kids

Check out our high performance fiberglass surf boards for kids taking it to the next level getting barrels, making snappy turns off the lip & pro level surfing

Choose from the best kids surfboards on earth

On a mission is to deliver high quality surfboards for kids at affordable pricing

Shop The Best Kids Surfboards On Earth!

Boards that are better for kids because they are made for kids!

"Where The Journey Begins"

High Quality - Stylish - Functional - Safe - Affordable - Durable

Kids Surfboards For Sale

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Kids Surfboard Collection

Your Waterkids surfboard will facilitate progression and evolution and help your grom go from being a beginner to intermediate to advanced surfer faster and be inspired to continue their Waterkids journey throughout their life

Winner of multiple awards for quality & excellence

"Where The Journey Begins"

Foam Surfboards

Foam surfboards are ideal for kids and beginners learning how to surf because they are constructed with a soft material which is super safe, ultra durable and because they have extra float which makes catching waves much easier. The foam soft top material is great because it is very forgiving for a child who is learning how to handle a surfboard on their own in waves where there is a pretty good likelihood that they might take a wipeout or 2 along the way and if they are learning on a foam surfboard it will help to keep them smiling and the fun going all day. The soft top material is also great because you do not have to worry about it getting damaged during transportation and storage and is perfect for kids learning how to handle their surfboard out of the water as well, because you don’t have to worry about it damaging anything else while it is being moved around. Foam surfboards are also the ideal surfboards for kids because they have a ton of extra float which makes paddling into waves and catching waves much much easier than a traditional fiberglass surfboard which helps to accelerate the process of learning how to surf. The learning curve is much higher for a beginner on a foam surfboard because you will catch a lot more waves, learn how to surf faster and most importantly have a lot more fun which will ultimately help to build a passion for being in the ocean and turn surfing into a lifelong journey.

Soft Top Surfboards

Our soft top foam core surfboards are excellent for kids because the outer layer is wrapped in a soft material that makes them extra safe and ultra durable. The foam core provides extra buoyancy and float which makes paddling into waves, catching waves and riding waves much easier for kids allowing them to learn how to surf faster

Fiberglass Surfboards

Check our line of high performance surfboards for groms who are looking to take their surfing to the next level. These boards are made of fiberglass, are very lightweight, and designed for advanced surfers that want to progress their recreational surfing to pro level surfing

When it comes to choosing a surfboard for your kids, there are many factors to consider. The type of surfboard will depend on their age, weight, and skill level. Knowing which one is right for them with so many options can be challenging.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a surfboard for your kids.

How To Choose a Kids Surfboard?

Choosing a kid's surfboard is not complicated; you can't go wrong with any of our boards.

We don't even make adult boards; 100% of our efforts are to make the best possible kid's surfboards and kids' surf accessories on the market.

Having a high-quality kid's surfboard facilitates progression and evolution. It will inspire your child to continue their Waterkids journey throughout their lives to someday become a Waterman or Waterwoman and pass the water lifestyle down to their kids.

Our kids' surfboards are specifically designed for beginner to advanced youth-sized surfers and are lightweight, perfectly stable, extra durable, and high-performance for groms.

Below are some very general guidelines to help you with your decision. Choosing a kid's surfboard involves personal preference, the surfer's size, ability level, and preferred surfing style. Once a surfer is more advanced, they can choose any board they prefer, even if it is outside of the recommended guidelines.

Kid Surfboard Size Chart

Below is a general list to help you get pointed in the right direction. All of our boards can be used by surfers outside of the age range of a board. Personal preference, the surfer's size and the type of waves that you will be riding plays a large part in purchasing a kids surfboard. Also when a surfer becomes more advanced they are capable of choosing any board and size they prefer.

Surfers can use all our boards outside of the age range of a board. Personal preference, the surfer's size, and the type of waves you will be riding play a large part in purchasing a kid's surfboard. Also, when a surfer becomes more advanced, they can choose any board and size they prefer.

Choosing A Beginner Surfboard For Your Child

If you're searching for the best surfboard for a beginner child, you're in luck. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the ideal board.

First, consider the size of the surfboard. A smaller board is easier to maneuver and is less likely to injure the child if they fall off. Second, think about the type of waves the child will be surfing; if they'll be surfing small, gentle waves, a foam board is a good option. However, if they'll be surfing bigger waves, a fiberglass board is better.

Lastly, consider the child's skill level. If they're just starting, look for a board with Beginner or Novice.

The Different Types of Surfboards

Surfboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, there are four classic shapes you should know about:

  • shortboards
  • fish boards
  • funboards
  • longboards



A child's shortboard is typically smaller and lighter than an adult's shortboard. It is designed for younger, smaller riders who are still learning to surf. The shorter length and lighter weight make it easier to maneuver and control. The board usually has a softer flex, making it easier to turn and carve. The bottom of the board is often flat, with a single fin in the center.

Fish Boards

A fish surfboard is a type of surfboard designed to be ridden in smaller waves. It is generally shorter and wider than a standard surfboard and has a more rounded nose. Fish surfboards are often used by beginner and intermediate surfers, as they are easier to paddle and catch waves on than a standard surfboard.


Funboards are a type of surfboard designed for a versatile and fun surfing experience. They are usually shorter and wider than other surfboards, making them more stable and easier to maneuver. Funboards are also often equipped with fins, which help the board track better in the water and provide more control for the rider.


A longboard surfboard is a type of surfboard that is typically longer than a standard surfboard. They are often used by surfers who want to catch giant waves or surf in a more traditional style. Longboards usually have a wider nose and tail, and they typically have a single fin or three fins.

What Size Surfboard Should I Get For My Child?

The number one rule for choosing a kid's surfboard is to pick a correctly sized board for them. A kid trying to use a full-sized adult surfboard is no different than a kid trying to use an adult bicycle; it doesn't work.

If you want them to stick with the sport of surfing and have a good experience that keeps them wanting more, then be sure to choose a specifically designed board for kids. Luckily for you, we are here! Our boards have been designed explicitly by professional board shapers and can be used by children, kids, groms, gromlins, little shredders, juniors, boys, girls, teens, and youth surfers of ALL ages, shapes, and sizes.

You can be sure that no matter what board you choose, your grom will be grinning from ear to ear and frothing with excitement to go to the beach for the next big swell and catch more waves than you ever thought was humanly possible.

Below is a general list to help you get pointed in the right direction. All of our boards can be used by surfers outside of the age range of a board.

Personal preference, the surfer's size, and the type of waves you will be riding play a large part in purchasing a kid's surfboard. Also, when a surfer becomes more advanced, they can choose any board and size they prefer.

How Do I Know When My Kid is Ready for A Real Surfboard?

The best way to know if your child is ready for a real surfboard is to consult with a surfing instructor. They will be able to assess your child's abilities and tell you if they are prepared for a larger board.

How To Select a Surfboard Based on Skill Level 

Know the skill level of the surfer who will be using the board. If they are brand new to water sports or have never been in ocean surfing before, you will 100% do best with one of our kid's foam soft top surfboards for the softest and safest material possible.

Suppose they have more experience and can catch and perform well on any wave they want. Then, you may want to consider a fiberglass surfboard with higher performance made for pro-level surfing and is built the same as any adult board yet is appropriately sized for kids.

Surfboards Based on Application

Think about what kind of surfing will be done with the board most often. If they are just splashing around in the shore break or having fun and trying to get little mini barrels, then a shorter foam soft top surfboard would probably be ideal.

If you are looking to catch longboard style waves and get the longest rides possible and the highest wave count possible, you may want to consider a 7ft longboard foam longboard shape because they have the most float and buoyancy. In addition, you can get into waves further out, making it easier to stand up on your board and learn how to surf.

Our 7ft longboards can be used by adults as well. If the surferwants to evolve their surfing to the next level, make snappy turns off the lip, catch big airs, or get pitted in mind-bending barrels. It might be time to get them a high-performance fiberglass surfboard for kids that is made more for professional-level surfing rather than recreational fun surfing.

Also, keep in mind that a soft-top board is excellent for travel and is much more durable, so if your little grom is hard on their equipment or if you are concerned about durability during transportation and storage, then a foam surfboard would be the way to go.